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Privacy Policy:


House of Cheval acknowledges and respects the importance of protecting the personal information that you (“the User”) provide to us. Therefore, we have created, and are committed to following this policy that respects and addresses this.



2.1 House of Cheval collects information from the User at several different points on the Site. House of Cheval is the sole owner of any information collected on the website (“the Site”) of House of Cheval. We will not sell, rent or provide this information in any other way from what this statement discloses.


2.2 The consent by the User for House of Cheval to collect information is done so through selecting or signing an agreement or is implied if an option to opt out of any informating sharing is given but not selected by the User. House of Cheval implies through such that the User has accepted to share their information with us.


2.3 House of Cheval may process any personal information on web hosting servers that may not be in the User’s current country or location.



In order to providing certain services to the User, specific forms of information are collected. The types of information collected are as follows:

  • Information the User provides – When registering for an account on House of Cheval, personal information (such as your name, email address, delivery address and phone number) are requested. This information you submit under your account may be combined with information from third parties or other services. This is done so to provide you with a a better experience and higher quality of service on our site.
  • Financial Information –In order to provide a service to you, House of Cheval uses a secure third party payment gateway. This payment gateway is
  • Payfast is a third party payment gateway available to all buyers on the site. Should a customer choose to use Payfast as their selected payment method, he/she understands and accepts that the onus on full payment remains at all times with the customer. Any payment shortfalls or additional charges shall be for that customer’s account.

House of Cheval are not liable for any discrepancies in payment or any additional charges levied in transactions when customers utilise the Payfast platform and service. House of Cheval are not liable for customers credit cards and debit cards not being used properly. The customer is responsible for all payments made with selected method of payment.

For details of Payfast’s privacy policy, visit: https://www.payfast.co.za/privacy-policy/




4.1 House of Cheval collects information from the user purposes outlined as follows:


  • Providing a service to the User, including any customised content displayed and advertising


  • Analytics for auditing, researching and analysing to maintain, protect and improve our services provided


  • Ensuring the technical functionality of our equipment and resources provided


  • Developing new services and improving them


4.2 While this information will mostly be utilised to provide a service to the User, it may also be used to provide our own services.


4.3 Any sensitive information will not be collected or utilised for any purposes other than those included in this Privacy Policy unless prior consent has been given.




5.1 House of Cheval may send the User, announcements and update notifications on an irregular basis. Our Users are not able to unsubscribe from such notifications, of which contain important service informations.


5.2 From time to time, House of Cheval will email newsletters to the User with information and offers that  we believe will be useful to the User. This includes information about the release of new products and further services. The User may be contacted via email to find out if the User is interested in market research surveys and questionnaires regarding House of Cheval.

The User may be contacted via email in response to any complaints submitted regarding customer-service. This is to address the complaint made or to verify the User’s account information should the User submit a “forgotten password” request.




6.1 House of Cheval may share aggregate demographic information with third party advertisers companies dedicated to information collection. But we will not supply any personally identifiable information. These companies do not keep, share, store or use any personally identifiable information for secondary purposes. Partnerships with third parties to provide specific services may be made. At the time the User signs up for these services, the information that is necessary will be shared to the third party. These third parties are not permitted to use any personally identifiable information besides for the reason of providing their service.


6.2 House of Cheval may share a User’s contact details with other registered Users on the site in order to resolve any queries regarding support and related to a serviced provided to a User by another User. This information includes, but is not limited to, name, surname, email address and phone number. Typically, this would be providing a buyer’s contact details to a seller or vice versa, where House of Cheval has the required information to assist, but cannot actually resolve a support query.


6.3 We will not disclose any information voluntarily about our individual users, except as stated by this Privacy Policy, or to comply with the applicable laws or a valid legal process, or to protect the rights or property of House of Cheval or others, to assist our email vendor with resolving complaints about unsolicited email, or as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy.




House of Cheval processes personal information of users for the purposes for which it was collected according to this Privacy Policy. We review the data collected, stored and the way it is  processed to ensure that only only information is used to conduct and improve our services. We try our utmost to ensure the information collected is as accurate, and current as possible, but we it is on the User to update or correct their information should it change.  




8.1 We take the appropriate measures of security to protect against any unauthorised access or alterations made, data disclosed or destroyed. Personal information is stored on servers in a secure environment.

8.2 Access to personal information is restricted to House of Cheval employees who need access to this information for services to be conducted and improved upon.


Keeping Your Account Information Secure

The security of your account is of the utmost important to us as it is central to your business. We recommend the following best practices to reinforce the security of your House of Cheval account:

  1. Set upTwo-Step Verification for your House of Cheval This will reinforce your password security as an additional code is required from your phone when signing in to your account. This can reduce reduce the risk of unauthorised access if the password is compromised.
  2. Pick strong passwords that are different for each of your accounts andchange your password 
    • Use a long password made up of numbers, letters and symbols.
    • Avoid using publicly-available information (For example: your phone number) in your passwords.
  3. Check that the email address or the mobile number that you use to sign-in to your account is up-to-date.
  4. Review your Notification Settings and ensure that you have the required setup to receive notifications of important actions being taken on your account. Beware of phishing. House of Cheval will never ask you to verify sensitive information via email. Submit such information only when completing an order on our website, registering to sell on House of Cheval or updating account information in your Seller Account.




There is a possibility that House of Cheval and/or any of our assets may be acquired in an acquisition or a merger. In such a transaction, the customer’s information may be transferred across to the acquiring entity. While we will endeavour to require the successor company to maintain this Privacy Policy, we cannot guarantee that this policy will remain in effect after such a corporate action.




10.1 This policy may be adjusted over time as any new features or attributes are added to our site and/or as changes are needed due to circumstances beyond our control. The new Privacy Policy will be posted - the date of the latest revision will be included - immediately in order for the User to always be aware of the information gathered, how this information will be used, and whether it will be disclosed to anyone.


10.2 House of Cheval is under no obligation to inform the User of any changes, although it is assumed that any such changes are minor and will not impact the User fundamentally.

Should the adjustment or change be deemed to be significant to the User by House of Cheval, we take it upon ourselves to inform the User of such changes through whatever method or form of notification we deem necessary such as a banner on the site’s home page, notification via email or any other communicative forms in a timely manner.




Should the User have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy or the practices used by House of Cheval to collect information, kindly contact us.




12.1 The terms “The User” and “User” are used interchangeably and refer to all individuals and/or entities accessing this website for any reason.

12.2 The terms “we” and “House of Cheval” are used interchangeably and refer to House of Cheval itself and all individuals and/or entities acting directly on behalf of House of Cheval.

12.3 The terms “Seller” and “Buyer” refer to the customers of House of Cheval whether they are individuals or a formal enterprise(s).